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Posted By: BackSlash Wanted: need old simm ram - 06/22/03 04:19 AM
i am trying to upgrade an old computer, and i need ram. the computer will hold upto 128mb of ram, on 4 32mb sticks. i don't have to get it to 128, just atleast 64. the ram must be 72 pin, 70ns, gold contacts, dram, 32bit or 36bit. also, i need them in pairs to be able to install. let me know if you can help
Posted By: sinetific Re: Wanted: need old simm ram - 06/23/03 06:31 AM
I can help. I can get it to 64 at least. Talk to me in IRC and ill set it up.
Posted By: MESELF Re: Wanted: need old simm ram - 08/30/03 10:33 AM
want it cheap...cheapest i was able to find was here.....of course its liquidated but whatever

i got me 64 megs of edo ram for like 20 bucks. BUT!!!!!!!!!! watch out make sure to specify EXACTLY what you want. they sent me two different chips (but both were the same size and were both EDO) and my old aptiva started bitchin so im gonna have to get them replaced (thats no problem though cause its under 3 year warranty). and make sure to specify gold contacts...they have got some but you gotta ask for it.
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