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For Sale: Dell Lattitude C600

Posted By: blackhawk625

For Sale: Dell Lattitude C600 - 04/10/03 11:01 PM

Microsoft Win 2000
Pentium III Processor 750MHZ
10 gig hard drive
3.5 Floppy Drive
Comes with battery and AC power adapter
Everything like new, just out of the box ***********POSSIBLY STOLEN*************
Excellent deal at $500. (slightly negotiable)
Have pics at request.
Stickers are gone, in other words, dont call tech support after discovering your an idiot.
Possibility of progs like computrace, pc-phone-home, ztrace, cyberangel, and other such things lurking in the anals of the hard drive.
These are not my responsibility....MAKE SURE ITS CLEAN BEFORE YOU LOGON TO THE NET..if you have no idea what im talking about...dont bother wasting my time, i've tried my best, reformatted the hard drive, BCWIPE did what it could, re-partitioned.

If you interested email me at [email protected]
or IM me on AIM at blackhawk625b
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: For Sale: Dell Lattitude C600 - 04/11/03 03:06 AM

Give you AutoCad LT 97 (original disks) for it :x...
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: For Sale: Dell Lattitude C600 - 04/11/03 06:53 PM

HAHA, to much money, running low on fundings lately lol. Anyway it's that stolen laptop you want to get rid of a tracing program... Nice. Uh oh and AutoCad for trade
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