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Wanted: Old Computer Mouse

Posted By: Defcon

Wanted: Old Computer Mouse - 01/09/04 08:15 AM

Seriously... I need one of the old style Mouses with a Serial Port and a 3.5" Floppy with the drives... it's for my 1337 laptop... is it possible to install a math co-processor on a 386 board... and yes I'm talking aboht the same computer, if so I want one of those too.... yes I'm drunk lol
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Wanted: Old Computer Mouse - 06/20/04 09:33 PM

Deffy, if you still need it I have a few serial mice here I believe. I also have some old ram for a 386 lol, 1mb sticks [censored]! probably have 32mb... Could probably find an old floppy as well...

I'll give you the lot for say $30 (including shipping)?
Posted By: res

Re: Wanted: Old Computer Mouse - 06/21/04 02:29 PM

I have the ram in 8Mb modules if you are intersted although I'm in au.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Wanted: Old Computer Mouse - 06/21/04 08:41 PM

I think the math co processor could be installed up to the 486 chipsets. Pentium integrated it into the CPU.
Posted By: res

Re: Wanted: Old Computer Mouse - 06/21/04 09:42 PM

Defcon, u cannot install a math co processor in a 386 chipset motherboard. You will have to source out a 80386DX or 80386SX CPU as the SX was used for the first notebook computers aswell as the 80386SL for further variant models.
Posted By: Futurama 3000

Re: Wanted: Old Computer Mouse - 10/27/04 11:22 AM

you know.. I might have an really old mouse.. and I also happen to have Win95 boot disks, since my dad bought a Win95 then upgraded to a Win98 (the one the freezes alot). I have a 720 kb floppy too. I could give them away if you want them.
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