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Wanted: UBB License(s)

Posted By: Gremelin

Wanted: UBB License(s) - 07/07/05 05:05 PM

I'd like to state here that I'm looking to acquire any amount of UBB Licenses (looking to purchase any UBB Classic (UBB.Classic) and UBB Threads (UBB.Threads) licenses). Infopop has given me the "ok" to be "gifted" a license; I will "donate" $50 to the paypal account of your choice for each license "given" to me.

I don't care if member area access is expired or if they have current member area access; they must be valid full licenses (no leased licenses).

Licenses will be used mainly for UBB Development and some will run on my various online communities to display modifications and differant possible layouts in a fully functional forum display.

Please contact me via email at "james[at]virtualnightclub[dot]net" at any time.
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