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For Sale: PC's for sale, installed w/ linux

Posted By: Scalli0n

For Sale: PC's for sale, installed w/ linux - 05/27/03 11:04 PM

Hi guys,

I have a shitload of PC's in my basement; all of them, you can have, there's like 3-4 of them. They're all low-end, good for linux. I can install linux on them for you (mandrake, redhat, or any other distro i can download the ISO's for) or I can put freebsd on them. Buy one or all of them.

Here's a rough roster:
2 P100Mhz
2 P200Mhz
1 P75Mhz

Can come with a few monitors if you like, all have gfx/network/hard drive/floppy drive/cd drives in them. All of them work, I'll turn them on, log into linux, and log out to make sure of this before I ship them.

You can pay me anywhere from $20 to $3000 for these bitches, but you have to pay shipping, which you supply your zipcode for and i'll calculate it out.

This is a cheap, easy way to get linux with no hassles of installation. And it's a reason for you to stop griping about not having such and such to hack with.

IM me scallion9000 on AIM or [email protected]!edu (replace ! with .) with questions.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: For Sale: PC's for sale, installed w/ linux - 07/15/03 06:06 AM

gimem the p200's lol... i'll pay shipping for 'em :-x...
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