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Wanted: Help with hacking

Posted By: scubawubasteve

Wanted: Help with hacking - 05/09/03 10:50 PM

Hey everyone. Thank you for comeing to read this. I would like to learn to hack into like websites and stuff. Can someome e-mail me to tell me how and all that I need. I've tried the anarchist cookbook and stuff like that. Please someone help Please help. Thanx
me. pimp pimp pimp pimp :angel:which is me and this is my other personalititydevil <img border="0" alt="devil" title="" src="graemlins/devil.gif" /> devilhint hint notreally im just bored that I can't do anything at my home.
Posted By: scubawubasteve

Re: Wanted: Help with hacking - 05/09/03 10:52 PM

Heres my email [email protected]
Please help???? Thank You !!!!
Posted By: unreal

Re: Wanted: Help with hacking - 05/09/03 11:53 PM

How many languages can I say 'closed' in?

Cerrado, fermé, geschlossen, and umm...closed. Yeah. Well, you get the picture.
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