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Wanted: digital cam

Posted by: Scalli0n

Wanted: digital cam - 02/16/03 11:39 PM

anyone here wanna sell me their 2 megapixel (or larger) with at least 2x optical zoom for less than 100$?
Posted by: Gremelin

Re: Wanted: digital cam - 02/16/03 11:48 PM

Lol good lucky scally :-x... I have a 4.8 Megapixel 4x zoom Kodac cam that we bought for $900 when it first came out, of corse it copies to floppies as opposed to sticks :/.
Posted by: Moffesto

Re: Wanted: digital cam - 02/17/03 01:04 AM

i would love to have one of those sony ones that copy to floppies and takes short video clips and stuff. Thats what we used at school, they r fun as hell.
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