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Update Humpday - Aug 14, 2008

Posted By: Gremelin

Update Humpday - Aug 14, 2008 - 08/14/08 12:33 PM

Due to some network issues today I've been unable to post the announcement until now, so I apologize for the wait! (although due to complications involving a computer monitor and a mouse, I now need to replace the mouse... or find all pieces lol)

It's been a very busy week working on the Reviews System, but we've got it up and running, and working like a charm! The insertion page is a little more complicated than what I'd like, but it'll be worked on in the future wink.

I managed to get most of the review content off of the forums into the new system, however I've had some time constraints so I haven't been able to get the Music/Movies section inserted (as it requires more editing than time is allowing right now).

I started some rough work on next weeks update earlier tonight, the "secret project" will be visually pleasing for all wink... You'll see it this next Humpday! hehe.

One update I'll be working on for the following humpday I can release, we'll be making it so you can respond to all of the items in the new sections; any comments will require both approval and capcha validation however. I've got the rough schema in place for this update, and an overall understanding of how I'm going to accomplish one system for each section, so it should be no sweat!

I hope you're all having a great summer, and enjoy the updates!
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