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Required Reading Update...

Posted By: Gremelin

Required Reading Update... - 11/07/08 04:36 PM

In the coming weeks I'm planning to compile a Required Reading/Book Reviews sector of UGN Security; I'm giving thoughts to how I want it to be rolled out, so if you have some suggestions please let me know...

I'm planning for it to be separate from the other sections of the site (as in not in the reviews section). It'll have links to both Amazon and Barnes and Noble; if you have any others you'd like included, please let me know (please note that linking to local libraries will not be possible due to each being a separate entity; and linking to torrent sites will not be done for legal reasons).
Posted By: Testing

Re: Required Reading Update... - 11/08/08 04:24 AM

Looking forward to it!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Required Reading Update... - 11/24/08 06:13 PM

I've got the basic drawup in place to be played with... You know me, love developing the backend, hate populating the databases lol...

I need to get a couple of items in place to finish the basic drawup in place; but it's ready to be played with (and is now linked to on the main site).

Maybe I should fix the application system and see if anyone wants to help with anything lol...
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