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Forum Upgrade - Threads 7.5

Posted By: Gremelin

Forum Upgrade - Threads 7.5 - 02/24/09 12:40 PM

We've just preformed an upgrade from UBB.T7.4 to UBB.T7.5; the changelogs can be found:

UBB.Threads 7.4.1
UBB.Threads 7.4.2
UBB.Threads 7.5

We'll likely hold off on upgrades until beta testing of UBB.Threads 8.0 comes out, it'll have a completely new UI with plenty of AJAX and new features; but that'll be some time away wink...

The only real reason we'll upgrade prior to that is for a substantial bugfix or security release...

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Forum Upgrade - Threads 7.5 - 03/19/09 07:23 AM

Yeh, about the whole "no upgrades till 8.0" notation above... We'll definitely be upgrading to 7.5.1 wink... Some of the bug fixes just entice me to not want to wait until summer to begin beta testing v8...

You can see the 7.5.1 changelog here if you're curious...
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