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Store Update!

Posted By: Gremelin

Store Update! - 03/16/09 04:42 PM

I've updated about half of the store items and gotten them in place (it flied when I analyzed my coding and made several time saving updates).

After I get the rest in place (likely this coming weekend) I'll start work on tweaking the front-end UI and getting everything pretty...

There will be a lot of UI tweaking going on; it's not just going to be a small tweak like the other systems I worked on this summer...

I am still debating going 3 columns in a row or 4, so I suppose I'll have to make the system flexible enough to be able to cape with either...

The good news is that I already have the sitemap and rss feeds up and running; and the sitemap is already plugged into Google webmaster Central, so I expect it to start trolling the site there by the time I complete the store (at least this phase of it).

If you've got any questions about this, or any update, please feel free to email me directly, or post here!
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