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UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement

Posted By: Gremelin

UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement - 05/28/09 11:08 AM

Well, that time is vastly coming, so it's time to divulge our Summer Plans...

Every summer we try to work on a large section of the site, in the past this has been vast code cleanup, new systems, etc.

This year, we'll be working on something a little bit different...

Most of you where planning to hear me announce that we where making plans to go forward on Dot Slash Hack, a video and text zine; however, this project will be pushed back (note that the design is about done, the domain is secured, so it's just waiting on time).

Instead, we'll be working on Go *nix, a resource dedicated towards helping users migrate from Microsoft Windows to Linux or Unix/BSD. The domain name has been finalized as and we've been working hard on the backend since project inception (ok, so I just thought to push forward with it this month).

This project will take some time to get rolled out and going, but my goal is to have a resource which will:
1. Allow users to quickly identify alternative software to Windows titles that they cannot live without while publicizing popular open source alternatives.
2. Allow users to have a resource of "new users to *nix" articles to help them navigate something that they may or may not be completely virgin to.
3. Help demystify *nix, a lot of distributions are simple to install and use for new users, and hardware driver issues on some system are a vast thing of the past.

I plan for the new site to be both xHTML and CSS valid like all of my designs; however I'll be ensuring Section 508 compatibility.

I haven't yet looked for assistance on the project, but I am open to any ideas from anyone who has input for the project.

Well, that's it for not, I hope that you all look forward to this project as much as I have.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement - 05/28/09 11:18 AM

Figured I'd add, a major portion of the idea of this was a conversation that I had with a state worker regarding their screwed up security policies on their windows machines...

I suggested that they run Linux (Ubuntu) on their systems. The response was that users would need to use the internet... My response then was that FireFox is a web browser with vast support on various operating systems.

The response was then that users had to have access to Microsoft Office. to which my rebuttal was that Open Office is freeware and is capable of saving as and converting to Microsoft Office applications.

The response then? "Well, we've already bought licenses, so we have to use them"... Typical cop out...

Why waste tax payer money on something that you can use and run for free? At least then you wouldn't have to worry about people installing AIM and MySpace Messenger on county/state resource computers and your security policies not allowing you to UNINSTALL them...

What I found amusing was that the machines in the resource lab are Dell computers which where shipped running Vista Business (which the CD Key states on the side of the machine I might add) yet all of the systems are running WXP; so I have to wonder how much more money they wasted by buying machines with the most expensive OS available then purchasing and installing WXP on them all...
Posted By: gliderdad

Re: UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement - 05/29/09 01:57 AM

I love it!!! I rarely need to use windows for anything now a days. Im starting to get better, let me know if I can do anything!!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement - 05/29/09 03:03 AM

Originally Posted by gliderdad79
I love it!!!
I'm glad, I'm really hoping that it'll have a good symbolic relationship with my network of sites in general; it should increase traffic all around as well as give us our first real "drive" project that we've had in a while.

Originally Posted by gliderdad79
I rarely need to use windows for anything now a days.
You're a good example, what all DO you rely on your windows install for? I need to find users who "HAVE" to use windows to find out WHY they do and WHAT is holding them back...

Originally Posted by gliderdad79
Im starting to get better
I'm glad, I've been really worried about your health since your surgery (well, since everything ultimately), I try to check in on you every now and again, but you've been busy lately I suppose...

Originally Posted by gliderdad79
let me know if I can do anything!!
A lot of the stuff that I'm working on right now is the initial coding. Usually I'd ask for help on data entry, but on the parts I'm working on right now the code is relying on the content being entered (fly by the seat of my pants baby!) to pull the system together (on how i plan for it to work).

I'm always open for input, so just let me know what kind of "open source" or "Linux/Unix/BSD" site you'd like to see...

I need to eventually have someone go out and look for some good Linux Articles to put on the site...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement - 05/29/09 03:12 AM

Oh, BTW, I'm about half way through the data entry phase of the Software Alternatives script. I'm also 95% done with the Admin UI for it as well; all that's left is the submission approval section, which can't really be tested until the front end has been worked on.

I'm planning to finish off the Admin UI this weekend, then work on the front end next week. This is JUST for the one section (the main, software alternatives).

I plan to have a section for articles and video articles at a later date. I also plan to have a Distribution list (well, most common distributions for the time being) as well as a package list which can list common/popular linux packages (basically like the software page, only dedicating itself towards a list of linux packages vs listing things as alternatives).

I may put a books section in so users can recommend books to other users as well...

After that, I'm drawing a blank on what else to add... It shouldn't be hard at all to maintain with the systems I'm building; it's all pretty straight forward once you access the admin ui.

And for note, I've still yet to really give the site design much thought; I know how I want the systems to display, but the design itself i haven't the faintest...

I think for the first couple of rough drafts of all systems, I'll just leave it as a basic crap design (you know, how most linux script distribution pages are) then refine it as we go...
Posted By: gliderdad

Re: UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement - 05/29/09 04:14 AM

I will get back later with more detail but what i use windows for is small. I go back to use photo shop, paint shop, and dreamweaver for templates. I been using gimp more and more but havent learned enough to use for all imaging. To replace dreamweaver I am looking into NVU and bluefish but havent had the time or energy yet. I have been using gedit, my favorite text editor was ultra edit which UE say they are working on a linux version and hope it comes soon!! I will catch up with you on aim later brotha
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: UGN Security - Summer Code Announcement - 05/29/09 04:23 AM

For Photoshop/Paintshop: CinePaint, Krita, GIMP
For DreamWeaver/FrontPage: Quanta Plus, Geany, Nvu, Screem, KompoZer, Bluefish

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