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Posted By: Gremelin

Google Ad Blocks - 09/04/04 12:50 AM

Google has updated their coding to allow Multi Ad Blocks on pages. As the current Ad-Block at the bottom of the forum doesn't nearly function as well as we'd had hoped we had yet-another bulletin board modification created.

The new modification allows us to have a "banner" block at the top of the forum (under the "Hello User" block).

We hope that this new ad block will bring in a little more revenue. As this site only exists due to donations and advertising it's come to be a nessessity... Better than selling the site to one of those search engines I say...

If you'd like to help UGN Security survive, please donate, or just click any of the links in the google ad blocks which appeal to you.

Each unique click through provides us with a small sum (usually about $0.20) so every little click counts.

And for note, for those of you (glares at a few) it will catch cheaters and potentially screw our affiliation with google over.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Google Ad Blocks - 09/04/04 10:43 PM

/me whistles and looks away pimp

I hit each ad. Pretty funny they are all Bulletin boards. As in the kind you pin stuff to in the real world.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Google Ad Blocks - 09/05/04 03:43 AM

hehe, every ad generally gives us something heh... The "Bulletin Board" ones should only show when they couldn't pull any keywords but "BBS" or "Ultimate Bulletin Board" heh; strange enough lol...
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