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Posted By: Gremelin

Email Notice - 04/26/05 02:44 PM

Well, I WAS sending out an email notice but it looks like the mailer choked after 350 members (I appoligize to any who have recieved this message more than once)... I'm not entirely sure of why :scratches head:...

Anyway, for those of you who didn't recieve the message (I doubt I'll be able to repair the mailer anytime soon) you can read it on the comments to this story...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Email Notice - 04/26/05 02:45 PM

Not too much has been happening at UGN Security in the off time this year (off time is generally the winter-spring seasons) but we wanted to take and let everyone know about some updates which will be coming this spring/summer...

Beta Program: We where approved to become beta testers for the next generation of the Ultimate Bulletin Board; this testing should start sometime in May-June. The new forum will be a combination of features from UBB.Classic (Flat File/Perl) and UBB.Threads (MySQL/PHP). The forum will be PHP/MySQL based (yey for fast forums) with a caching system (to alleviate any MySQL overhead, yey for more speed)... Each member is more than welcome to participate in the beta testing of the new forum software and you can get up to date information when it becomes available on the Site News forum.

Staff: Just about all staffing sections are currently open (moderation of any forums and news staff). Users wanting to become news staff (or just those curious) may browse our "favorite news sites" thread in the General forum. The news staff is expected to publish approximately 10 news stories per week (which isn't asking too much as you can easily get 10 out of the way in about 5 minutes); you can receive more information on news staff on the "Site News" forum. You can apply to be staffed via the UGN Security Job Application system at

Recoding: We've been working on getting some coding done and out of the way; we're aiming this coding session at validity (xHTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS and accessibility guidelines). Users can discuss anything that they'd like to see on UGN Security (and perhaps sections that they would like to see changed) at anytime on the IRC in #Gizmo (please note that I'm not always active so please feel free to leave your comments and an email address and I'll get back to you). You can also always feel free to Private Message me on the forums or email me at gizmo[at]undergroundnews[dot]com (please note that I do have a spam filter which requires users to validate that they have a valid email address before your message will reach my inbox).

Advertising: We've had some great success in the off season with the Google Adsense coding, I'd like to extend my thanks to those of you who've taken the time to click the links. As you may or may not know, we receive a small sum for every unique click through on the banners/links. You can find the advertising blocks at the top and bottom of every page on the forum. The advertising funds (and donations) go towards domain management, licensing, hosting, and site projects. We're also giving thought to a Dedicated Server (or a Virtual Private Server) in the future; this is dependant on how popular the differant advertising sections become (and mainly on how well the do).

Coming Projects: We're looking for ideas on different projects to start up (or become a part of). We own a few domain names and have hosting available so we're always open for ideas. Please feel more than free to message me if you have any ideas as I'd love to hear them.

Mailing List: We've never really gotten the mailing list up off the ground, it seems that I need to get more ideas on what people want to see on a newsletter from UGN Security (and perhaps how often they'd like to see it)... Originally the mailing list was going to be for site updates but it's easier to use the forums for that as we can also validate user email addresses based on the bounce back's.

Graphics: On a final note, I'd like to let you all know that you can feel more than free to submit banners or graphics for different sections of the site, we're planning on creating a "credits" section of the site to thank various coders and graphic artist's (such as black^Pimp, wherever you are). On the "Banners" page, each banner has the artist's name located just under the graphic.

I can't help but think that I've missed something tonight with this little announcement, but I guess that's what the forums are for smile .
Thank you all for your time,

PS, pleasae note that you're recieving this message because your account on the UGN Security forums has indicated that you wish to recieve notices from administrators.
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Email Notice - 04/27/05 10:58 AM

Did anyone else get 5 of the exact same email? :p
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Email Notice - 04/27/05 11:29 AM

SUSH! (and yeh, Icey did; hence my appoligy above)...
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Email Notice - 04/27/05 11:46 AM

yeah that was fun opening up my mail and yahoo saying i had 5 new msg's. made me feel special till i saw they were all the SAME thing...
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Email Notice - 04/27/05 11:15 PM

that's what I did too icey! I'm all holy crap someone loves me today!!! --nope, wrong again. heh

Sorry giz, missed the appology cuz I skipped past that part since I already saw it 5 times. laugh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Email Notice - 04/27/05 11:30 PM

Umm, the part you read 50 times was a response to the original post; the original post had nothign that was included in the mailing... I think you're just blind...
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Email Notice - 04/28/05 11:04 AM

that...or I just skipped past it and didn't pay any attention. smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Email Notice - 05/03/05 12:02 AM

heh, someone emailed the email address the notice was sent from and is all "remove me from your list" I'm all "since you're too [censored] lazy to update your profile your account has been deleted"
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