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Happy Halloween!

Posted By: Gremelin

Happy Halloween! - 11/01/03 06:55 AM

UGN Security would like to wish all of you Gobblins and Ghools a Happy Halloween... If you decide to drink, please try not to drive, or bike... Also, be sure that you brush your teeth after all of your candy eatins :X
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/01/03 08:10 AM

and Ghosts dont forget Ghosts.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/01/03 09:33 AM

Happy Halloween = )
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/01/03 09:46 AM

very happy smile
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/02/03 01:47 AM

Holy [censored] I have some stories for you guys.
Posted By: Asteos

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/02/03 02:14 AM

I worked all night during halloween. Yeah it sucked. I went outside on a break and I saw a bunch of happy trick or treaters. Then I had to go back inside. I was so sad. I wasn't even supossed to work, I was called in, frown
How was everyone elses holiday?
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/02/03 03:50 AM

i went to a party, watched a horror movie, stole some pumpkins, smashed them, filled a water gun with gasoline, made some rings of fire, then woke up at 6am to get home before my parents woke.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/02/03 11:52 AM

i fell asleep at about 7:30 or 8 pm. i slept until about 2 am then went outside and had a smoke. came back upstairs and tried to watch a movie with jonathon... but i fell back asleep. yeah i know.. i was super lame on halloween this year. i was so tired though. cuz i cleaned my room all day (which is a huge task, my room is usually a [censored] pit) then i helped put together my new computer desk. which took forever and was very heavy to lift. my poor little arms are sore today frown blahhhhhh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/02/03 03:06 PM

We went to the mall and watched all the kids, then went to the Thomas Kincade galleries and looked around then went home and ate...

As for today, we celebrated thanksgiving early this year since my grandparents came down, my mom invited friends from church, they baptised my grandpa, i almost yelled STOP when they were talkin in tongues...
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/03/03 12:24 AM

ewwww..talking in tongues is scary. *shudders*
Posted By: Disgruntled

Re: Happy Halloween! - 11/09/03 04:07 AM

I sympathize Fleshwound cuz I also Recently put together a computer desk, and it was a total pain
the ###. My room is also a pit.
This from one who knows.
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