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Happy St. Patties!

Posted By: Gremelin

Happy St. Patties! - 03/18/05 05:53 AM

Happy St. Patties day! Don't get too drunk, you don't want to wake up next to a Leprichaun with a gaping hole in your...

If you drink, don't drive, walking around is more fun...
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Happy St. Patties! - 03/18/05 08:38 AM

it could be because I have a dirty mind, but when I clicked on the topic I coulda swore it said "happy st. panties day" duah
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Happy St. Patties! - 03/18/05 09:43 AM

You have a dirty mind but so do the majority of people on here...
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Happy St. Patties! - 03/19/05 02:02 AM

I know that's why we all get along so well, we're all just a bunch of pervs. frown
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Happy St. Patties! - 03/20/05 02:05 AM

Bought a digicam, and went out and used it on St. Patty's day. Those are the pics from my night. they're big, so watch yourelf.
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