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Limited Edition: Defcon 12

Posted By: Gremelin

Limited Edition: Defcon 12 - 04/09/04 04:40 AM

We now have a Defcon 12 Limited Edition store. Please feel free to check out the items here . The items in this store are created and dedicated to all UGN Security members and staff who will be attending Defcon 12 this summer.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Limited Edition: Defcon 12 - 04/13/04 05:32 PM

maybe I'll be able to make it this year, nice image design jay:]
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Limited Edition: Defcon 12 - 04/14/04 01:45 AM

Thanks, took me a while lol... I plan on redoing most of the images when I get some more time.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Limited Edition: Defcon 12 - 04/14/04 11:53 AM

yea I'm learning how well I can do with shitty design software:) I dream of what I can do when I get photoshop back again...for real:/ I do dream I wanted to edit a picture I couldn't take out a peace of a arm with a angled eraser then fill it in with water effect, or metal or metal with circuits. But [censored] on me if my choping block art isn't good till then:) Yea you got skills with the pen/mouse bro, but you knew that.
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