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Server Optimizations

Posted By: Gremelin

Server Optimizations - 10/22/07 08:38 AM

We're working on optimizing the Web Server here at UGN Security; the downside is that the only real way to check if they're working is to wait for it to crash lol...

Basically, the default install of Apache sets the server way out of wack... Assume you have oh 512mb ram, and assume each apache process takes up say 13mb ram on average. Well take your total ram, divide it in half to allow other processes some love, then divide the total (256) by how much each apache process takes up (13mb); you end up with a number far lower than the 256 that's in the default apache config lol...

So we're doing adjustments based on load vs resources available, as trying not to utilize swap space unless needed (and even then as a temporary measure to reduce io usage).

Most of the issues happen way late at night (11p-3a PST) so i doubt many have really noticed much, but just wanted to keep everyone up to date.
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