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DNS Tools - Public

Posted By: Gremelin

DNS Tools - Public - 11/08/07 02:31 PM

I've spent a nice long amount of time working on the DNS Tools page for UGN. After several weeks of private testing (for security testing and workability) I'm letting it open as of 5 minutes ago wink.

So, enjoy, and let me know how you like the tool, please feel free to provide feedback.

Features include:
Ping an Address
TraceRoute an Address from our server
DNS an address (either IP to HostName or HostName to IP)
Lookup DNS Records of a HostName
Whois a Domain Name
Check the status of a port on a remote host (a future version will display several "standard" ports for webhosts (ssh, telnet, apache, etc)
view your local information on your system (browser, ip, hostname, etc)

The DNS Tools page can be found here.
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