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Outdated Email Addresses

Posted By: Gremelin

Outdated Email Addresses - 11/08/07 06:31 PM

Missing our emails? It could be a very good reason... An outdated email address.

We send out mail to users in two ways:
First, we send mail to the users who've specified that they want to receive admin email's via their profile here on the forum.
Secondly, we send mail to the users who've signed up for our update newsletter (see the center area on the main page).

I sent out a mailing today about the new DNS tools, and recieved well over 20 bounce back's due to invalid email addresses (though 4 are due to ex staff using an @UGN email account that doesn't exist any further).

Just a reminder, when you change your email service, be sure to update your profile! Otherwise you won't get newsletters, update notifications, or PM notifications.
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