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Cox Broadband Blacks Out

Posted By: Digital Geek

Cox Broadband Blacks Out - 05/21/05 05:48 AM

More than 2 million Cox Communications broadband customers lost their connections Friday after the cable operator's Internet backbone went down, a spokesman for the Atlanta company confirmed.

"We're still investigating the root cause of the problem," Bobby Amirshahi, a Cox spokesman, told

Amirshahi said the outage affected all of Cox's broadband customers -- both consumers and businesses.

In some markets, service was restored in 30 minutes, he said. However, one Cox customer in Orange County, Calif., reported that his firm's service had been dark for two hours.

Service has now been restored to all customers, Amirshahi said. The company will gather information on what caused the problem over the next few hours.

Amirshahi could not say if there was any scheduled maintenance or upgrade that could have caused the glitch.

At year's end, Cox claimed 2.6 million cable broadband customers. That's about a 3 percent market share among U.S. ISPs, according to ISP-Planet.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Cox Broadband Blacks Out - 05/21/05 06:13 AM

Lol, 2 hours? My comcast has gone down for 8 hour periods...
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Cox Broadband Blacks Out - 05/22/05 12:52 AM

2 hours is laughable when you look at Comcast during the summer time... Having no internet for the whole day and not being able to talk to someone in customer service to find out why is a bigger deal then ooo a whole 30 mins to 2 hours... Pansies...
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