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Taiwan Seeks Apology from Google

Posted By: §intå×

Taiwan Seeks Apology from Google - 10/10/05 11:39 PM

Taiwan gas said that it will be seeking an apology from Google Inc. in regards to the company's new mapping service. Taiwan is displayed on Google Maps as: "Taiwan, Province of China", which the country is demanding to have changed.

In 1949, Taiwan separated from China following a long civil war. China, though, is unwilling to give up the island, still considering it part of the country and classifying it as a renegade province.

Google said it would review the issue.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Taiwan Seeks Apology from Google - 10/11/05 03:36 AM

I think that whatever is displayed by a country/providence should be classified by the current controlling government... It should also display any former government within a 200yr period...

So, with that said, it should say:
"Tiwan, Former Providence of China"
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Taiwan Seeks Apology from Google - 10/11/05 04:15 PM

I hope your kidding about the 200 years, because that would cause many problems. Do you know how many countries would have to put in a tag like that. It defeats a part of the purpose of a war. That would put us as "Australia, Former Colony of the British Empire" along with so many others. And what of Europe and both world wars it suffered and variety of governments each country was under. "Poland, former German, Russian..."? It will never happen.

Google made a mistake. If the world police recognizes the country as having its own sovereign government then so should a corporation like google.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Taiwan Seeks Apology from Google - 10/12/05 02:32 AM

For historical purposes, it should display at least a mention of all governing countries for a set period of time, yes. This would be as little as say 50yr and as long as say 200yr.
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