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Yahoo! Announces Digital Library Plans

Posted By: §intå×

Yahoo! Announces Digital Library Plans - 10/06/05 01:53 AM

Yahoo! Inc has announced its plans to launch a digital library service that will rival Google's plans, which were unveiled in December last year. Yahoo! wants to make the text of millions of books available online.

Google is facing setbacks in its digital library plans, due to copyright infringement fears. Yahoo! stressed in its statement that it will be "providing open access to content while respecting the rights of copyright holders."

David Mandelbrot, the vice president of search content at Yahoo! said: "To kickstart this effort, Yahoo! is going to digitize the American canon collection with the first works coming online before the end of this year..."

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Yahoo! Announces Digital Library Plans - 10/13/05 03:10 PM

I'll still trust Google over Yahoo anyday...
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