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Pentium 4 Overclock to 7.132GHz

Posted By: Digital Geek

Pentium 4 Overclock to 7.132GHz - 08/14/05 09:00 PM

A Japanese overclocker has managed to overclock Intel Pentium 4 670 microprocessor to 7.132GHz and even run certain benchmarks on the system that was cooled down by liquid nitrogen.

In order to accomplish the extreme overclocking Japanese enthusiast Memesana, who published his results at XtremeSystems web-site, used ASUS P5WD2 Premium mainboard based on Intel’s i955X core-logic, Corsair PC2-5400UL 512MB memory modules as well as Intel Pentium 4 670 processor with stock speed of 3.80GHz. The processor system bus was overclocked to 1520MHz; processor’s voltage was pumped up to 1.70V, significantly higher than default setting; memory latency settings were CL4 3-3-4, memory voltage was set to 2.3V.

According to the posted statement, the system managed to calculate π (pi) number to 1 million decimal places in 18.516 seconds, which is currently the world’s record.

Earlier this year another overclocker has managed to push hit Intel Pentium 4 570J chip to 7.22GHz, but at that clock-speed the PC could function only in BIOS. The maximum speed at which he could boot Windows XP operating system and perform memory testing was 6.60GHz.

Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Pentium 4 Overclock to 7.132GHz - 08/14/05 11:13 PM

Jesus Chirst thats fast. If only that was achievable in your everyday home pc. Can you imagine how fast your computer would work.
So all I need is liquid nitrogen :p
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Pentium 4 Overclock to 7.132GHz - 08/15/05 07:09 AM

Buy that much nos and they'll think you're either racing or tryin to get high...
Posted By: AMD/GeForce

Re: Pentium 4 Overclock to 7.132GHz - 08/16/05 08:11 AM

All Intels i want to see the 4600+ X2 pushed to its limits. but i will settle for athlon 64 3400+.
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