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Firefox Userbase Reaches All-Time High

Posted By: §intå×

Firefox Userbase Reaches All-Time High - 11/12/05 06:15 PM

A global average of 11.5% Internet surfers are using the Firefox open source Web browser, an all time high for Mozilla. The United States is home to the biggest fanbase of the Firefox browser, with some 14.1% using it when they surf.

One Stat gathered the data, questioning some 2 million people overall. The global average of Firefox users has increased by 3% since April this year. The increase has caused a decrease in IE, Opera and Netscape.

However, the userbase of Apple's Safari web browser is growing.

Posted By: mary gaylord

Re: Firefox Userbase Reaches All-Time High - 11/17/05 10:40 PM

I can understand why its growing firefox and in fact most of the mozilla products are the best in what they do. And they are free
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Firefox Userbase Reaches All-Time High - 11/18/05 04:07 AM

I use FireFox because it has features that I need and i can add in new ones in the form of plugins.

I use ThunderBird because Outlook costs $$ and ThunderBird is free; I also use it due to plugins.
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