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The Next Xbox Does It All

Posted By: Girlie

The Next Xbox Does It All - 05/04/05 11:59 AM

Microsoft's next-generation Xbox gaming console will be more of a digital entertainment hub than its predecessor, making it even more of a PC hybrid than ever, Bill Gates said.

The console, code-named Xenon, is due to be previewed in a half-hour MTV special later this month.

Gates was vague on Xenon's specific features but said the company's consoles would be evolving to include improved communications tools for making multiplayer online gaming more convivial.

The new console will let video-game players chat with their buddies, know when others are present online, and retrieve their music and photos on their consoles in an interface already familiar to them, Gates said.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: The Next Xbox Does It All - 05/04/05 06:32 PM

Sounds like the "same old XBox" with a few new features (and from what I understand a new box)...

I mean you can take the same XBox under my TV and throw linux on it and get the same "features" that I've already heard about...

Sounds like all they did was add a browser and msn to it wink
Posted By: Defcon

Re: The Next Xbox Does It All - 05/08/05 04:10 AM

Hmmm sounds very much like this strange device sitting on my desktop. I can send instant messages, know when other people are on and transfer music and photos between other units. Even runs an interface designed by the people who designed the XBox....

I mean [censored], why not just make the thing into a computer? I mean on this thing atleast I can type reports and view pornography.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: The Next Xbox Does It All - 05/08/05 06:18 AM

The Xbox basically is a computer. It has a cimputer motherboard in it for [censored] sake. (that's the reason why it's so friggen big!)
Posted By: pergesu

Re: The Next Xbox Does It All - 05/08/05 02:11 PM

It can't give me a blowjob.

That's the only reason I would buy one.
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