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500 Gigabyte Hard Drive Coming Out

Posted By: §intå×

500 Gigabyte Hard Drive Coming Out - 01/09/05 03:58 AM

Hitachi is set to release a 500 gigabyte hard drive which is bigger that the 400 gigabyte hard drive it previously released. The 500 gig drive is aimed at those who store video and could store 200 hours worth which is up to 100 films.

An 80 gigabyte Tivo-style video recorder can only store about 40 hours of video. Hitachi is the second largest manufacturer of hard drives and the new 50 gig ones will come out in the first quarter. The company also plans to upgrade smaller disks.

Hitachi is working on a smaller microdrive which can store eight to 10 billion bytes of data and takes a fifth less space than the one inch microdrive Hitachi currently has on the market. Microdrives are good for video cameras, digital cameras, etc.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: 500 Gigabyte Hard Drive Coming Out - 01/10/05 11:02 AM

I'm actually awaiting this release as I plan on buying a few for my dataserver wink ...
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