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Comcast Sued for Giving Customer Info to RIAA

Posted By: §intå×

Comcast Sued for Giving Customer Info to RIAA - 04/17/05 11:01 PM

Comcast, the top U.S cable TV network operator, is being sued by a woman for disclosing her name and contact to RIAA, court records showed Thrusday.

The company, Settlement Support Center, was using information obtained from RIAA and contacted the woman in January and told her to pay a $4,500 fine for downloading illegal music or face a lawsuit for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"But no court authorized Comcast to release names and addresses of its customers, or notified his client that her information had been given to an outside party. Comcast should respect the rights of privacy who pay them monthly bills." Lybeck said.

Posted By: pergesu

Re: Comcast Sued for Giving Customer Info to RIAA - 04/18/05 07:21 AM

Good, Comcast deserves to get owned for this. Why is a company giving out customer info? The customer is who pays for the service - not the RIAA. Until a U.S. court has issued a subpoena for a client's information, Comcast should respect their privacy. This kind of thing is only going to get bigger in the coming years, it's important that everyone is aware of how it all plays out.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Comcast Sued for Giving Customer Info to RIAA - 04/18/05 10:27 AM

Agreed, they're saying "[censored] You" to their clients and providing information where it's not wanted by the user to be shared! It's a total outrage and as a customer I certainly don't appreciate it...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Comcast Sued for Giving Customer Info to RIAA - 04/18/05 06:48 PM

Comcast is an awful company. I have had sooo many bad run ins with them. They have made it completely aparent to e they do not give 2 shits about thier customers. It is very much a monopoly atitude in that company.

Here is a little story about comcast kids. Pull up a chair.

Learner had basic cable and high speed internet and was very happy with the service so he paid his bill, on time. One day Learner got a letter from Comcast. It said basicaly, You need to pay us. We have not recived any payment from you and because of this we think you are a piece of crap. It went on to insult me in various high brow ways.

Learner promptly went online and check his bank account. Sure enough, there is the cashed checks for the past 3 months they say they never got. Learner thinks, maybe this is just a misstake letter. So he calls the bank and asks them to conference in comcast. Learner knows if the bank tells them they have to correct what ever went wrong.

Comcast responds with a rude operator who advised Learner to pay his bill and he would not get these letters. Then the bank person speaks on Learners behalf. Advises the checks have been cashed and they would be glad to provide copies. Comcast says send what you want, we show you have not paid and that is how it is, no matter what you send.

Comcast then says this is not the bank on the phone. Accuses Learner of lieing and trying to get out of a bill. Offended Learner tells comcast to toss his salad and suck his manhood till they choke and die, to send a tech out and pick up thier equipment. That it would be easy to spot, it would be what is on fire in the front yard.

Latter Learner finds out Comcast moved the location of thier billing department and lost all kinds of payments for the area. In every case for everyone I talked to they were quite rude and assuming it was this person, not thier system. 5 months later they had finally credited the payments, I quit getting notices saying you owe us.

Now I was getting late fee notices. It took 1 full year before I went back for broadband service. Tech came out, cut the cable to my direct TV saying I would not be able to use the internet with that hooked up. I promptly advised him to fix it and quit insulting my inteligence. I called Comcast and told them what happened and waht was said. The person on the phone told me it is true, if you have Direct TV, comcast internet will not work.

I then advised them what I do for a living and how I was really regertting going back to them, How I knew one dose not affect the other. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. He gets on the phone and trys to convince me in some situations Direct TV can mess up the internet for my house due to microwave signals. I call him a liar and advised him I was calling the better buisness office to report shady practices by Comcast in my area. Then he started back steping and offereing packages. I took them and reported him, the tech and everything.

Comcast truely takes the approach of, if you don't like it, don't use our service. They plain and simpley suck. It is the worse company I have ever delt with in my life. When FTTP/FIOS gets in it will be a new game in town.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Comcast Sued for Giving Customer Info to RIAA - 04/19/05 08:15 AM

I got a DMCA letter today... They say that I CAN dispute it but they give little information on HOW i can dispute it...

I tried to call in BUT i just got the round robbin and was on hold for an hour before i hung up smirk
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Comcast Sued for Giving Customer Info to RIAA - 04/19/05 08:18 AM

Also, reguarding directTV or any satelite service; this is true sadly... See the satelite installers enjoy tapping into existing wiring in your house so when you order cable or cabelmodem service there is little chance it'd work; this is common practice with DishNetwork as well (they sliced every [censored] wire in my basement trying to "tap in")
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