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Company Tests Movie Theater for Gamers

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Company Tests Movie Theater for Gamers - 08/31/05 08:27 PM

A company called "HoloDek" (from the holodeck on Star Trek) is testing out the concept of letting gamers play with huge, high-definition screens that envelop the user. "This is a movie theater for gamers," said Mike Fortier, with Holodek.

The test facility contains 42 gaming stations with high-speed PCs and high-definition monitors ranging in size from 17 inches to 13 feet. There's a screen that is 20 feet wide and 12 feet high called the "half pipe."

Another spherical screen will soon offer a 360-degree wraparound gaming effect. "We want to make it socially acceptable to enjoy the gaming experience," said Kit McKittrick, CEO of HoloDek. "How many gamers have experienced the country club life?"
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