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High School "Hackers" Offered Plea Deal

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High School "Hackers" Offered Plea Deal - 08/29/05 07:13 PM

The infamous 'Kutztown 13' Hackers, that are a a group of Pennsylvania high school students [SN reported] who breached security on their high school laptops, have been offered a deal. They were originally charged with computer trespass and theft.

The original charges are felonies, but that will be reduced to an "informal adjustment." All charges would be dropped in exchange for 15 hours of community service, a letter of apology, a class on personal responsibility and some probation.

Some of the students are wanting to refuse the deal because they don't feel they did anything wrong. "A lot of these parents would like to fight this on principle, but it's hard to put the kids at risk on principle," said an attorney.
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