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Microsoft Sells "Halo" Film Rights

Posted By: §intå×

Microsoft Sells "Halo" Film Rights - 08/26/05 07:36 PM

Software giant Microsoft has signed a deal with both Universal and Twentieth Century Fox that will allow them to make a movie based on Microsoft's popular video game, "Halo". The studios paid Microsoft US$5 million for the rights.

Microsoft will also get a cut of box office ticket sales generated by the film. The deal ends months of speculation. Microsoft brought the "Halo" film idea to Hollywood last spring, with messengers in costume delivering scripts to studios.

Universal will take over the domestic distribution and the film's production, while Twentieth Century Fox will distribute the film overseas. They're aiming to release the film in the summer of 2007.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Microsoft Sells "Halo" Film Rights - 08/26/05 11:21 PM

I read the first part about $5mil and was all "they SO could have got more!" then I saw the box office line and said "ahh, theres our culprit" wink
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