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Bush performs wiretapping U-turn

Posted By: §intå×

Bush performs wiretapping U-turn - 01/19/07 07:51 PM

The US government has made a bit of a concession on its controversial wire tapping program. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the program operated by the NSA would now be overseen by a court. Gonzales has proposed making the programme accountable to a secret military court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ( FISC), which sits in Washington behind closed doors.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 allows the FISC to authorise surveillance of phone and net traffic as well as physical surveillance. The NSA is accused in a suit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) of operating an unconstitutional surveillance programme, which monitors the telephone traffic of US citizens. It accuses telco AT&T of allowing the NSA access to its networks, an accusation to which the company has not directly responded. The EFF said that it was not yet clear if Gonzales's move affects its lawsuit.

Posted By: §intå×

Re: Bush performs wiretapping U-turn - 01/19/07 07:58 PM

WTF!!! The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Say it with me FOREIGN The wire taps have been on US citizens. They should have to go through a public court to spy on US citizens. A secret court. WTF is that.

Shhhh trust us, these guys will not let us abuse our power. I know I am their boss.

What really makes me mad is this will probably work. The sheeple march on I guess. Oh don't worry about Military Commissions Act of 2006 where we loose the right to a fair trial and they declare torture leagal so long as you do not die. Oh and it is okay to torture your kids. They are passing these laws for a reason guys WAKE THE [censored] UP!!!!

Bush signing away your freedom
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Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Bush performs wiretapping U-turn - 01/19/07 11:35 PM

See the thing here is, all anyone will hear is "secret court" and think "oh, its to protect us from terrorists already in the country" when we're all deamed as threats by the patriot act...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Bush performs wiretapping U-turn - 01/20/07 02:46 AM

It will hardly even be covered. I have no doubt I will get in trouble one day for comments like the post above. The stuff I am posting I am not even seeing in the main news. I might see a blurb on it on CNN. If you add it all up there is a major pattern that emerges.

Over 700 laws to protect us = We give up freedom and get nothing in return.

We are as per the administration in office now no safer today than we were in 2001. Just today a guy told me he would give up his freedoms for Liberty. That is ignorant on so many levels. First off without freedom you will never be safe. Historically governments have committed more crimes against society than people on people crime.

And this is what really chaps my [censored]. We are giving up more and more privacy and freedom while more and more of what government does is becoming secret. Done behind closed doors. What next secret laws?
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Bush performs wiretapping U-turn - 01/21/07 02:06 AM

lol secret laws.Hopefully your wrong, but if your right then I hope the rest of the world can see this rising threat and try and stop it. Can you imagine Europe invading America to remove a evil dictator and restore democracy.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Bush performs wiretapping U-turn - 01/21/07 04:33 AM

The shadow govt has always been and will always be :nod:
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Bush performs wiretapping U-turn - 01/21/07 07:07 AM

Artic I wish it were that simple. You see, Europe is part of it. The plan is to slowly move to one world government.

The Tri Lateral Commission
The Bildeberg Groups

These are secret meetings for a reason. One look through world politics, economy, wars over the last 10 years shows a scary pattern I am afraid. The most powerful families keep renewing power even in democracys and republics. Money keeps shifting up the chain. There are one or two success stories. But follow them a generation or two. Study International banks my friend and how the same bank will loan both sides money for war. lol

Money that didn't exists to begin with. Most nations now have a currency not backed by anything. LOL. Printed paper money. The trick is to pay interest you must spend true wealth. If all the nations debts are to the same people, How much power do those people have?

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