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Software, Movie Pirate Confesses to Police

Posted By: §intå×

Software, Movie Pirate Confesses to Police - 01/22/07 03:19 PM

An alleged movie pirate in Pennsylvania has confessed his crimes to local police following a raid on his home. Officials discovered some 10,000 discs loaded with pirated movies and computer software.

Robert Uss from Reinholds turned himself in on Friday. According to the Business Software Alliance and the Motion Picture Association of America, Uss' operation was just one computer and two burners in his home basement.

Uss was investigated when the BSA received complaints that he was touting his goods on a Web site. He was also sued by 20th Century Fox in 2005. The BSA said pirates "... need to know that we will find and prosecute them."

Posted By: §intå×

Re: Software, Movie Pirate Confesses to Police - 01/22/07 03:26 PM

The MPAA needs to know their copy protection will be broken and downloaded.

lol Get the hell out of here with this crap. Poor kid. 10,000 movies using one computer and 2 burners. Let not forget one netflix subscriptions fellas. Now that HD DVD has been broken their nightmare will just get worse.

BTW Blue ray uses the exact same protection as HD DVD but has a fall back added protection for when that fails. I give it a few months. Even then HD DVD I think will become the easier of the two to crack. If I want to make a back up of my movie I already paid for I should be able too. I bought the movie. Not the movie in only this format.

I am sick and tired of having to rebuild a damn movie library every 10 years because the next thing is out. [censored] the MPAA and [censored] the RIAA. They are mad they can resell to me what I already paid for 3 times now. BTW that in itself is criminal. The Actors do not get a cut each time the movie is sold. Not most of the time anyway.
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