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Paris Hilton Sues

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Paris Hilton Sues - 01/30/07 06:39 PM

25-year-old hotel heiress Paris Hilton has sued to have the Web site shut down and her personal items returned to her. The Web site offers photos, legal documents, videos and other things for a monthly fee (SN reported).

Hilton said in a statement about the suit that "I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sisters' private personal belongings for commercial gain," and added she thought a storage company was paying the storage fee.

The fee was not paid and as such, the items were sold to the highest bidder. Hilton says the Web site puts her at risk of identity theft.

Posted By: §intå×

Re: Paris Hilton Sues - 01/30/07 06:40 PM

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