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The Rasterbator

Posted By: Spyrios

The Rasterbator - 03/08/05 10:41 PM

This is a cool little program. I think you can do this with photoshop, but I found ythis to be way easy. Imagine making wall sized art from a normal printer. The Rasterbator Page
Posted By: pergesu

Re: The Rasterbator - 03/09/05 10:50 AM

A friend of mine showed this to me a couple months ago. I made a 24 page picture of Bob Marley and put it on the wall at work. They didn't really appreciate that.
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: The Rasterbator - 03/09/05 06:55 PM

Sweet, I am playing with a lot of ideas right now. I will post a pic if I come up with anything I think is worthy.
Posted By: Alfatester

Re: The Rasterbator - 02/22/07 07:01 PM

I have used other special software for poster printing. It makes good posters.

P.S. I understand that it is not new thread, but I think this link will be helpful for forum community.
Posted By: HappyRabbit

Re: The Rasterbator - 06/09/10 03:46 PM

Rasterbator is great, I like it! It creates images from large dots. It is an interesting art technic, but when I need to print exact enlarged image.
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