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DVD burning software

Posted By: sinetific

DVD burning software - 11/08/04 02:14 PM

What is the best software for burning DVDs? I have never looked into it and am looking for some suggestions.
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: DVD burning software - 11/08/04 06:28 PM

I love DVD shrink in combination with Nero. Onstall, put the DVD in, it decrypts it and then automatically compress the whole thing down to about
4 Gigs. Then you have the option of customizing the compression rates for each individual parts, picking what audio or subtitles to keep. Then you hit "Backup"and Voila. It is so easy. Also check here for alot of tuts and good info:
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: DVD burning software - 11/09/04 02:53 AM

For copying CSS encrypted DVD's we use:
DVD Region+CSS Free v5.16
Roxio Easy DVD Copy

Then for burning downloaded movies (avi's, mpg's, and those with random odd assed codec's) we use:
DVDsanta 3.43
Posted By: sinetific

Re: DVD burning software - 11/09/04 04:25 AM

I've heard good things about DVD shrink. Do any of these programs have a raw copy option from DVDrom to DVDrw. That is what im really looking for.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: DVD burning software - 11/09/04 05:00 AM

Roxio (with DVD Region) will allow a perfect copy of the source DVD (everything on the source will be on the copy); if it's a double layer dvd it'll ask if you wanna shrink it (if you don't have a dual layer dvd writer)
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: DVD burning software - 11/09/04 03:00 PM

All I use for me and Giz is Roxio. I tried Nero and it worked like [censored]. As Giz says it's a perfect copy. You can not tell the difference. With older movies (Space Balls) and some newer movies (The Girl Next Door) you can get the dvd menu's burned (that includes special fetures and everything). Plus is you can get the crack for it then it's free.

With DVD Santa we did have to buy it (ooo a whole $30) cause it will crash your comp if you dont buy it but it's well worth it. You have the option of making the movie full screen or widescreen plus you can make your own porn dvd's with what clips you like wink he he he

You can get raw copies with both programs. Roxio for direct from a dvd and DVD Santa for things that you's downloaded. Those are your best options.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: DVD burning software - 11/09/04 05:06 PM

The best ever (have used Nero/DVDShrink/DVDXCopy/tons more) is definitely DVDRebuilder.

Do a search for it, afterdawn has tons of topics on comparisons, etc.

It is hands down the best for quality and it keeps getting even better. I use it with say 7passes and CCE.
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