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Posted By: Gollum

audio software - 12/13/03 02:12 PM

i assumed thsi would fall under multimedia. anyway, i was wondering what type of software the ugn users use for editing and creating audio tracks. are there any programs that set the standards? i'm looking for programs more along the lines that one would use in a home studio. soundforge, wavelab...etc... but i'm also interested in programs that ppl would use when mixing tracks. y'know what, i'd appreciate any comments on any type of audio software out there...with the exception of just players/music organizers (windows media player, winamp, etc...).
Posted By: Defcon

Re: audio software - 12/14/03 04:43 AM

Well... hmmm what I would use in a Home Studio (since I'm an Audio Engineer and Audiophile) is a Digi-Design Pro-Tools rig, which is expensive to boot but allows you a ton of power and flexablity over the recorded tracks, plus a healthy amount of plug ins to make even the shittiest guitar player sound good (seriously, you can record the sucky guitarist at half speed with no alteration in pitch after being speed up for real time, then quantize it to make sure it's in tempo, EQ the [censored] out of the guitar, Compress it to keep the volume level, and why not strap an auto-tuner on there to correct any out of scale notes).

I've seen what the PC can do... thats more for hobbiests or people that want to recordings to sound like a whole lotta suck. SoundForge blows because and alteration you make in the sound is Permanently added to the sound, so if I add a reverb, some compression, or delay, it messes with the original data and I can't undo that at a later time. Seriously Gollum the best thing to do is get a Pro Tools rig or a Mackie Digital Mixer and HD system if you want stuff not loaded with sonic disasters. It's costly but you'll know where your money goes.

If I had to pick a PC Audio Software title... I'd have to say Sound Engine... it's a good wave editor and can let you mix track with envelope tools (blech). <= You can get it there if your interested.

Well that ends my rant, peace I'm out
Posted By: Defcon

Re: audio software - 12/14/03 04:46 AM

***Oops. Double Post***
Posted By: Nagachaak

Re: audio software - 12/16/03 05:21 AM

try cubase SX or Logic. easy to dl for "free".
wavlab perhaps?
Posted By: Gollum

Re: audio software - 12/16/03 08:08 AM

what about things specific to linux? i tend to spend a bit more time there when developing things, whether it be a program, or hoepfully now a new mix. anyway, my g/f is going into music industry, and it'd give me another reason to make her machine dual boot w/ linux.//
Posted By: Defcon

Re: audio software - 12/16/03 11:46 AM

Gollum, like I said anything designed for the PC is a POS, you need to stop thinking small and get yourself real pro gear. I haven't seen much good stuff in the Linux Dept... Get a Pro-Tools rig from Digi-Design or a Mackie HD Unit.... trying to mix with a keyboard or mouse is like trying to type with mittens on... it really doesn't work well. So in otherwords, get out of the sticks gentlemen, and get some real gear.
Posted By: Nagachaak

Re: audio software - 12/16/03 11:57 AM

defcon, wanna hear something amazing?
go to:
search for artist Culloden
they have recorded all music in cubase sx.
i say it sounds good enough for demo at least. if you don't want demo, there is still alot of opstions in cubase and there is ALOT of plug-ins for cubase that sound extremly good.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: audio software - 12/18/03 06:17 AM

i just came across this:
contains precompiled packages of audio apps to use under slackware. i'll check them out then get back.//
Posted By: dashocker

Re: audio software - 12/20/03 05:16 AM

You don't understand Naga, Deffy is an audiophile. That means he can hear things other people can't, even colors. I play a real musical instrument and I can't hear half the things these wackos claim to.
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