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Whats up with PYTHON 2.2.1?

Posted by: KN0WL3DG31ZP0WER

Whats up with PYTHON 2.2.1? - 07/13/02 03:33 AM

When I DL PYTHON 2.2.1 I get an error message that says sumthing along the lines of "Perameter Unexpected" on my cousin's Winblows ME system. Anybody else having problems or know what to do?
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Posted by: cyanide

Re: Whats up with PYTHON 2.2.1? - 07/17/02 11:36 PM

i may be wrong, but do you think you may have d/l the patch instead of the compiler? and assuming you dont have the compiler yet, the logical thing would be to assume that the patch wouldnt be able to work. [?]
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