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Posted By: Deamon

Wireless - 03/18/02 05:32 AM

Was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some info on wireless internet. Am very curios how that works. Any info would be appreciated.

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I am not sure what your problem is. But I am sure its hard to pronounce.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Wireless - 03/18/02 06:03 AM

well there is a lot of info lol check with a major hardware company like USR (US Robotics), they generally have FAQ's... If you're just wanting to buy check out TigerDirect, they always have sweet prices.
Posted By: Deamon

Re: Wireless - 03/19/02 01:57 AM

Thanks GIZMO I couldn't find anything on it. So i thought some of you guys might have some info.Was curious to see what the protocols they used were and if It was "hackable".

Thanks anyway
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