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Spoofing w/ unix sockets

Posted By: Tantalus

Spoofing w/ unix sockets - 08/02/03 10:44 AM

I read up on unix network programming today and have made some client server applications that talk and such. But does anyone know how to spoof who a packet is from using sockets?
Posted By: unreal

Re: Spoofing w/ unix sockets - 08/02/03 12:42 PM

I'm gonna go ahead and put this in Newbie Questions. You'll probably get better answers there.
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: Spoofing w/ unix sockets - 08/03/03 12:50 PM

Well, It is a lot more complicated than you would think... I touched this breifly in the protocol forum.. But basically you have to make the entire TCP packet, you can't just say its from, well you can but then they could just ignore it for being invalid...
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