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Posted By: Micro:User1.0

CD crack - 12/16/03 03:40 PM

Hi everyone,
My friend gave me a cd set of Slckware Linux that i just found out the its cracked. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any sites that i can download it, im going to try searching it on google and ill most likely find it there. Just in case i dont could you name a few. I'm on Dial-up so i dont know if it will talke for ever or what Thanks.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: CD crack - 12/16/03 04:44 PM

Lol, slackware is a free linux distribution, therefore there is no "Crack" for it unless there is phisically a crack in your cd...

If you're looking for a download, go to their webpage...
Posted By: Gollum

Re: CD crack - 12/17/03 01:29 AM'd probably be easier to get another cd. or just buy them. it'd probably be quicker too, lol. the download is gonna be over 600mb. which means (unless i screwed upsomewhere, which i probably did) at a generous 10kb/s. it'd still take you almost a day. about 17hours. and that's nonstop. but, when i had 56k, i'd be lucky to get 5kb/s. usually i was around 3 or so. which will take you a few days if that's your case. and hey, coudlnt' hurt to support slackware, i bought the cd-set. IMO though, the Essentials book isn't worth it.//
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