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How to Locate an ip and use it?

Posted By: DaMaRiS

How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/26/02 08:21 PM

Ok hi I have a question. I am sick of going on AIM and asking my friends. Can i have ur ip address? because i still haven't had a chance to use my skills. I enter some ips into Languard and gind lists of open ports but can't do anything. So my question is how to locate an ip using Dos and how to put the ip address i know into action?
Posted By: sinetific

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/26/02 10:42 PM

Netstat -n gives you the numerical address of any machine that has a tcp/udp connection to your machine. But you dont connect to each others machines via AIM, you both connect to the AIM server. Your going to need to get them to form some type of direct connection to your computer to get their IP. If you dont even know that I highly doubt that there will be any "skills" going into "action".
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 06:39 AM

Hi DaMaRis, well sinetific explained it, but i'll explain it to you in a more detailed way on how to get the whole work done, you're here to learns o do not use this for illegal activities, or at least don't blame me for tellin you how to hehe.

So listen. If you do not already have an IP address to "work on" then here are a few easy ways to get one. Remember that these are the basic techniques, there are others.

Getting an IP address from MSN Messenger :

If you have MSN Messenger you can get the person you are talking to IP by sending them a file. When you are normally chatting with someone you dont have whats known as a direct connection to their computer. It works like this:

Your PC -----> MSN Server ----> Recipients PC

So if you just tried getting the IP address of you victim while just talking, you would get the IP of the MSN server. I advise against trying to hack that (But if you think you can then do us all a favour). When you send them a file, you establish a direct connection to their computer and not through the MSN server. While the file is being sent, open your command prompt and type 'netstat' without the colons. This very useful command will give you a list of connections your pc has established and is trying to establish/mantain:

C:\> netstat

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP jester:1056 TIME_WAIT
TCP jester:1089 [email protected] ESTABLISHED

You will see one long one that wont be in the form of an IP address, this is a host address. It will look something like: [email protected]
From here you have to do a NS (Name Server) Lookup. This will translate the host address into an IP address and then you have what you want. Some sites have an online NS lookup but there are also many programs that do it aswell. One program that I recommend you download is Cyberkit. This app contains many useful tools that will help you out greatly, one of those being NS Lookup. You can get Cyberkit from

Getting an IP address from IRC :

Another way of getting an IP address is from IRC (Internet Relay Chat). I wont go into what IRC is exactly and how to enter IRC. All you have to do when you are on the IRC channel is give the command: \whois username. Username is where you put their username. This will give you lots of details about the user and hopefully the IP address, although it may be in host address format. Some IRC's hide your IP address though so this wont always work. Here is an example of the type of output you will get after the whois command:

/whois JoeBlow

JoeBlow is [email protected]
JoeBlow on #wazzap
JoeBlow using BikerBabe's Haven
JoeBlow End of /WHOIS list.

From here you would just do a NS lookup on that host address and you'd get the IP address you need. Be careful not to get the IRC server IP/host address though....

Getting an IP address from email headers :

The third simple way of getting an IP address is looking at the headers of an email. Here is an example of an email header:

Received: from by with HTTP;
Sat, 04 May 2002 09:44:00 GMT
X-Originating-IP: []
From: "Joe Blow" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: What are the steps of a common hack?
Date: Sat, 04 May 2002 09:44:00 +0000
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_5cc6_4c43_171f"

On the third line down you have the IP address, simple.

Now, just because you got your IP, your not done yet. Here is an important thing that you must learn about IP addresses. IP addresses come in two forms: Static and Dynamic. You would ideally like a static IP. Why? Because static IP addresses are always stay the same. People with broadband/cable or any other service that leaves you permanently connected will usually have a static IP address. This is good for you because your target will always been there so you can take your time. Dynmamic IP addresses belong to anyone who has dialup connection (probably you) and this means that every time you connect to the internet, you get a different IP address. This can be an annoying problem because if get someones IP and they are on dialup, chances are that it has already changed. However if you get the IP from MSN or IRC, you know they are online so start now! This is why email headers are sometimes misleading. This is why people usually prefer to hack servers; they have static IP addresses.

Those are the basic ways of getting IP addresses but there are many other automated ways. You can get programs that will scan a range of IP's E.g. to and ping them to see if they are active. You can also use ping to see if a host is alive. That is what ping does, sends a packet to the chosen computer asking it to respond. The ping will then usually give you a list of times or host not found which means this IP address is offline/not being used/useless. To ping a host/IP address, open your command prompt and type ping.....

Well I think that will help you out enough, if not than just let me know.

Hope i didn't break any rulez here.
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 07:32 PM

This is cool but can any of you give me an ip address I can use to try out stuff (i wont delete anything trust me)
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 07:57 PM

they are called wargames, best way to practice look around for some. Only time it will ever be legal for you to hack anything, and if your trying to get into someones computer you'll need a port scanner :-P(if you dont have one). But maybe thats just my own crazy way of doing things
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 08:02 PM

Yeah, Wargames are great stuff, but i think you're still not about that. and yeah, you should get a port scanner, try Superscan
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 08:41 PM

hey, UGN has some scanners too. Look in the File List
Posted By: pergesu

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 09:34 PM is home to nmap, which is possibly regarded as the best scanner around
Posted By: Infinite

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 09:58 PM

I have an IP that you can play with DaMaRiS. It's feel free to explore all ya like.

Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 10:04 PM

sum, hahahahahahah, that' was awesome.

P.S. pergesu, you forgot to add that NMAP is only available in LINUX
Posted By: Infinite

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 10:09 PM

nmap has been ported to windows now.

Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 09/27/02 10:14 PM

wooho that's cool, last time i checked it wasn't, but i saw it there, pretty good they made it for windows too.

thanks sum
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/01/02 08:08 PM

Yea i have this IP tools thing well i'll try it out now. and what is a wargame w/e?
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/01/02 10:38 PM

umm, i think a wargame is generally you trying to hack a computer that has been set up for the specific purpose of being hacked. it has security and what not, but you can't get in trouble for hacking it... atleast i think
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/02/02 07:04 PM

Ok thanx but give me a wargame and my new question. I found a IP address with Open Ports and I have the program IP Tools. Now how do I explore this persons computer (i have their permission)
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/02/02 07:23 PM

DaMaRiS man we can't explain you the same things twice, read my post above, it explains a lot... but if you want, ok than i'll try to help you as much as i know, but man you need to know something, you have to read at least 20.000 books to become a hacker, it's not easy as you think. Coz only if you got access to someone's comp that doesn't mean you're a hacker now... hackers don't do only bad things as most of the people things, there are differetn types of hackers if you didn't know.. white hat, black hat, grey hat...

Listen i suggest you read a very very very good and maybe most important tutorial or how to call it ever released, you can find this file at the UGN kbase i think, if not than try the fbase, i'm sure it's there coz i saw it, you just search for it. the file is called

The Conscience of a Hacker - by The Mentor

oh wait i'll give you the full link to it...

so make sure you download it and read it.

P.S. Wargames are already explained to you, well i agree with BS, you CAN'T get in trouble hacking it, because that's just why they're made, to get hacked hehe.

see ya
Posted By: dashocker

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/02/02 07:27 PM

hmmm, i cant believe im actually responding to this topic. first off, black^pimp, to get an IP in IRC all u have to do is type /dns (nickname).
second, (Person-asking question) you may want to acutally learn about the basics of computers and the internet and such things, perhaps what "IP" means, before u start trying to "hack" things.
Computers just dont have "hacking ports" u connect to and start deleting things and what not.
Ports are open because of software programs. These programs may have flaws that it is possible to exploit in order to do some "hacking". But you probably dont even know what a port is.
so....i will now bequeath you with the secret to h4ck1ng th3 pl4n3t: Google
Please use it wisely. Try searching for "wargame" if u have any further questions about locating one.

ohh whoops, im supposed to be nice to n00bs...
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/02/02 07:33 PM

oh yeah i forgot to add something...

For those who use Wargames here is a great tool.
Now you don't have to change from one letter, to a 3 digit decimal, and then to a 8 digit binary code, you can just go straight from WORDS to BINARY! And Vice-Versa! Great site...


pretty good thing
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/02/02 07:36 PM

of course dash hocker, i agree with you, and i know about the mIRC things, and i can post a lots of other usefull [censored], but man, i tried to tell him the same thing as you, newbies need to learn much more basic things before starting with hacking and [censored]... huh

see ya
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/04/02 10:41 AM

I just want to post to say, black^pimp: even though you are new to this board, you have been conducting yourself in a non-newbish way. I think you posted more than enough information for this dude.

Damaris- black^pimp gave you a great deal of information. I am not a "hacker" but you are greatly annoying. You shouldn't come onto boards saying you want to use your skills when it is obvious you don't have them. When b^p posted all that and then you just asked if anyone could give you an ip, that was disrespectful and annoying. I think "hacking" is something you won't be interested in by next week.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: How to Locate an ip and use it? - 10/04/02 11:21 AM

Damaris, I honestly have no problem with you, you're just another of many newbies. Its when my elder members start getting ticked that problems arise with me. I believe that your question has been answered so stop bringing this bull ish up.

BP, I value your enthusiasm and news (which you need to work on a bit wink ) but please, for future referance, answer the newbs then move on.

I call this topic closed, if anyone would like to argue about it, meet me on the irc for your akill.
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