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linux help (install hardware)....

Posted By: Soap

linux help (install hardware).... - 03/14/02 03:33 PM

yo... newbie linux-boy here.....

sorry if this is the wrong section (got told off by previous moderators for doing such a thing) I know it deals with a Unix topic but the forum title is "UNIX security" and this has **** to do with security...
anyway move it if you want...sorry for any inconvenience
[end deisclaimer]

Ok, I just got my hands on A Debian CD with a 2.1 kernel and as I live In Africa...
faraway country with a lousy 28,8K Net-access I won't spit on it... (french saying...)

All excited that I am, I installed on 1 of my boots fine I get the normal "login:" prompt.... log in as root to do all the changes and make sure I have access to everything.

I just configured my local network (hosts file, routing tables) and it works nicely (only tried a few test pings for now...). I don't have much fact I'm not sure WTF I have.. I understand it's an old distro (with an old kernel ) and since it's on CD (as oppossed to a DVD-based SUSe distro)... space is limited.
But i REALLY find it a "skinny" install.... I have no access to help files.... man pages for progs like route, ifconfig or arp don't exist.
IS that posssible or have I ****ed up my install somewhere.

Now my major and more important question.... I installed from CD-rom but after install, when I boot a shell I can't access my cd-rom. I have a "/cdrom" directory (which is empty) and my /mnt directory is COMPLETLY empty...

I am little newbie w/t linux but generally at ease w/t computers so don't worry about being brief or complicated (save u time detailing and explaining).

By the way, I have a DVD-rom drive and A CD-rewriter.
I know both their "block device" adresses (hda1, hdc and so on). Do i have to load some drivers from somewhere? (Or "modules" under linux...if i understand correctly) How would I go about doing such as thing

Thx for futur answers...
Posted By: Predator

Re: linux help (install hardware).... - 03/14/02 05:07 PM

Well to access your cdrom in linux you have to make sure it is mounted. You can do it with the "mount" command.

Oh and the linux/unix section isn't only for security related questions, it's for questions about *nix in general.

so i moved it over there
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