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Printing on Lan

Posted By: Nem2k

Printing on Lan - 12/05/02 11:57 AM

My school is running like approx. 15 printers and i would like to print something unuseful in
another class of mine. I got the names, the class number and even the type of printer but i dont know how to do it.

Anyone could help ?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/05/02 12:31 PM

Off the top of my head, two things you can look into, depending on OS and network set up:

File/Print Sharing. If it is enabled or you enable it, you can simply print from any of the printers from any location on network.

IPP (Internet Printing Protocol?), not sure what it is called, but have seen it when scanning, you can access/install a printer via http and print from it. Must be on a win 2000 network though.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/05/02 01:27 PM

start-->settings-->printers-->add new printer, then use the wizard to add a network printer. The wizard gives you the option of browsing the network and choosing the printer you want to use.

Posted By: Nem2k

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/05/02 04:28 PM

I think the Settings folders are locked by
the administrators. Im not sure. Any idea on
making this under DOS ? I got this when i do arp -a

Nom de partage |Type | Commentaire
ang_pcl6 | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PCL 6 Anglais
ang_ps | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PS Anglais
Choix_001 | Disque
D205_P | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PCL 6 D205
D205_PS | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PS d205
D213_P | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PCL 6 D213
D213_PS | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PS D213
D214_P | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PCL 6 D214
D214_PS | Impr. | HP LaserJet 2100 PS D214
home | Disque
HP4000_audio Impr. | HP LaserJet 4000 PCL 6 Audio
HP5Lunite1 | Impr. | HP LaserJet 5L unite 1
Hp5SIadm | Impr. | HP LaserJet 5Si adm
mspclnt | Disque
NETLOGON | Disque | Logon server share
pgm | Disque
Pgmgrics | Disque
Y | Disque
Ex‚cution achev‚e.

(sorry for the french things, Impr. = Printer and Disque=HD)

I can do anything to access those HD ?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/05/02 06:44 PM

believe you can use
NET USE and NET PRINT if necessary, but the printer must be shared first in that case
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/05/02 06:50 PM

if it is in windows you can open NetworkNeighborhood and right click on the printer you wish to use and choose install. it will install the software from the computer setup to house it on the network. or at least that is how things are setup in my ofice wink .
Posted By: Mornse

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/06/02 02:53 AM

Scan your network. Lots of network printers will come up with a telnet port open. The banner will most likely look like "HP LaserJet" or something like that depending on the company and model. Not known by a fair number of people, printers have processors and can run very low level operating systems. If you find a printer with an open telnet port, it will most likely not have a password and you can just telnet in. Then you have full control of it, you can change the settings and all. Now to print, lot's of times the printer will also have an FTP port open. If you connect to that and upload the file you want to print to it, it should print. You can try these things, which are more fun that the ones suggested above, if the other ways suggested don't work or something.
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/06/02 11:46 AM

Thanks Mornse, i will try those wink
Posted By: BlackSpider

Re: Printing on Lan - 12/11/02 12:30 AM

If the computer system is LAN, it should display all printers.

Check First:
File > Print
should display a pop up printer window. Change the Printer Name.

If the above isn't there. Do what sum said.

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