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Need HELP!!

Posted By: aspen98

Need HELP!! - 05/05/02 10:33 AM

Have a question for u guys... Have no xperience in hacking or programming, but some1 named groza has made a trainer for a game. The game is Yuri's revenge and it ruins all the fun of the game! I mean, every month there r a tournament which u can win nice prizes in, but all the top players cheat!

The way they cheat is with a trainer. I have to find someway to stop this fukin trainer!!

I have DL the trainer but since i cant program i cant fix something to provide it being used... Now here's my question!
Can some1 take a look at it and try to do something to prevent it to work? I think if u can close the right ports, the trainer can't be used... But again, I'm a n00b in this subject =(

Plz help all legit players in Yuri's revenge! And if u cant help. can u give me a link or a email adress to some1 that maybe can help me?

If u want the trainer so u can take a look at it, i'll sen it to u... Just gimme ur e-mail...

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Need HELP!! - 05/05/02 02:11 PM

They work off of the game itself, the only way to stop it is to patch the game, but every client would have to be patched also to make it compatable... So, why don't you just cheat also? smile hell get me a copy of the game and the trainer, and i'll learn it and help you :x
Posted By: aspen98

Re: Need HELP!! - 05/05/02 05:16 PM

No i would never cheat!! Hate people that do such things!! The problem is that Westwood aint gonna patch the game anymore! So i was thinkinmg of a bakground program that made the trainer impossible to use...

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