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Greetings & a ?

Posted By: intrigued

Greetings & a ? - 03/10/02 09:30 PM

Hello, Everyone I see the board has changed over the years. I like the concept of trying to bring back an open chat. Question, Could someone give me a hand. I am trying to write a .Bat file. I thought I could use a text.doc to write one but it doesn't seem to work. I know you can write one in DOS but I never learned how to. Are the MS-Dos prompt and the same? If someone could help me with how to save text as a .Bat file and the Dos ? I would really appreciate it. Thanx, intrigued :p
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Greetings & a ? - 03/10/02 09:44 PM

write it in windows notepad. in dos use edit. keeps track and tells yoru computer what to do.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Greetings & a ? - 03/10/02 09:48 PM

this topic is better off in this fourm
Posted By: intrigued

Re: Greetings & a ? - 03/10/02 09:59 PM

Thanx for the help Gizmo. I've got it. Sorry about the placement of my post.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Greetings & a ? - 03/10/02 11:18 PM

dammit Gizzy. Dont answer easy questions let me do them smile If u write in a word processor you have to save it as .bat , in the dos edit you just type "edit 'file'" and save as .bat . ok so gizzy answered that smile Oh yeah, the ms-dos prompt is

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