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Port 23

Posted By: acsdan

Port 23 - 10/18/03 12:16 PM

Can anyone give me any ip numbers that run on port 23.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Port 23 - 10/18/03 12:32 PM

Tons. It is telnet.

The RFC is here , I think.
Get a portscanner here

Now hopefully you have enough knowledge to figure out how to scan port 23 for an IP range.
Portscaning is illegal and could possibly be considered terrorism. To find legit systems that you can poke around that probably have port 23 open, check here .
Posted By: unreal

Re: Port 23 - 10/18/03 03:39 PM

*sigh* Moved to newbies.

(600th post on a move...pathetic. :/)
Posted By: Asteos

Re: Port 23 - 10/19/03 01:39 AM

Unreal why don't you just change your status from "Global moderator" to "topic closer/mover"?
since when is port scanning illegal?
acsdan why don't you check out a site hosting wargames? You can telnet to their machines legally, you don't even have to use a port scanner
Posted By: Ice

Re: Port 23 - 10/19/03 02:48 AM

I think he all ready asked this question a while back. Why doesent he check past threads that give tons of info on Port scanning.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Port 23 - 10/19/03 04:08 AM

Asteos: jonconley provided all the information this guy needed, and unreal just moved the post to Newbie because it doesn't belong in Newbie. He never said it was illegal, he never said there was anything wrong. He put it in the appropriate forum, that's all. He's a global moderator cause he deserves it, and he does his job. Respect that.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Port 23 - 10/19/03 05:17 AM

I said it was illegal, though he wasn't very clear in who he was referring to. Portscanning can be construed to be against the law. And depending on what types of system you accidently scan, you can be considered a terrorist. Yeah, it is asinine, but it is entirely possible. And if you scan a range of hosts, you are running a risk. If you connect to them and grab a banner, you are running a risk. If you attempt to access them, you are running a risk.

And I know b/c my friends were both arrested and fined for portscanning and banner grabbing. They didn't even attempt to access, but the process of scanning and grabbing was enough to show an intent evidently.

And thank you asteos for criticizing a mod and then taking the time to repeat what I had just said.

/me grumbles.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Port 23 - 10/19/03 06:57 AM

Posted By: sinetific

Re: Port 23 - 10/19/03 07:03 AM

Asteos: portscanning can be considered illegal.
In Moulton v. VC3, a federal court found that the costs incurred investigating a port scan did not constitute damages under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.[166] Moreover, the court found that a party's port scan did not access the other party's network.[167] Port scans elicit information from computers and computer networks; under many of the state statutory definitions above, port scans do access computers and probably would constitute computer crime. Certainly, the court could have found port scans to constitute access under the CFAA and found the party liable for the port scan.
Most state computer laws prohibit unauthorized connections to other machines. Which you can interpret however you like, depending on how good you lawyer is. The previous qoute states that the loss of bandwidth is so insignificant that it wouldnt constitute enough loss to be considered damages, but it is basically trespassing which is illegal. It's also most likely against the terms of servce of your ISP. Since they write the laws so loosley they can be interpretted however prosecuters would like to.

Here are the U.S. Laws concerning computer crime:

They have actually reformed it so that something as negligible as unauthorized port scanning is no longer a crime, but this is federal law not state.

If you dont live in the U.S. and think port scanning is legal check out this:
Posted By: Asteos

Re: Port 23 - 10/19/03 01:00 PM

'Twas simply a joke. I think I have a natural tendency to piss people off. I honestly didn't think port scanning was illegal, as long as that was all that was being done: scanning. I use nmap all the time and have never been in trouble. Thanks for the explaination sinetific.
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