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Best Place To Start?

Posted By: AccessGranted

Best Place To Start? - 07/19/03 10:37 PM

Hi guys im new to hacking and new to the forums and i wanted to know...wheres the best place to start? I want the experience more than anything else what should i be reading, looking into? Thanks
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Best Place To Start? - 07/19/03 11:33 PM

Pick something that interests you and start learning about it. Hacking is about understanding how computer system operate, and then making them do things they are not supposed to through what already exists. As far as hacking goes, knowledge is key. Start learnign everything and anything that interests you about computers, and drop all your expectations right now. If you work hard, and have a little bit of luck, you might actually be able to pull off your first hack in about 2 years. But that's only if you are serious and you bust your [censored] in all your free time learning this stuff.


correction: The hacking you are talking about is what I defined it as. there are many definitions of the word, and I hope nobody decides to play semantics here :p
Posted By: Ice

Re: Best Place To Start? - 07/20/03 05:14 AM

and you can read this thread started my jonconley;f=3;t=000273

How to be a Hacker
Posted By: Phux

Re: Best Place To Start? - 07/21/03 12:34 AM

AccessGranted, let me first thank you for openly saying that you are new, and also for not wanting to be spoon fed and learn on your own, its nice to see that every once in awhile. Where I have found the best places to gain knowledge on this subject it through actul books. Also any security paper you can get your hands on is helpful. Anything to do with basic connectivity is great depending on your starting level. Just like infinite said though, it takes alot of reading and a lot of hard work. Also places like this are a great place to pick up on things. Good luck Access.
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