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A little help

Posted By: Beegie_B

A little help - 01/02/04 04:05 PM

Ok, I just got myself a 160 gig HD and I'm running WINXP and Fedora Core, I have the WINXP on NTFS and Fedora on FAT 32, I also made another partition with 30gigs on it to transfer files to and from XP and Fedora. The problem is, how can I view the empty partition in Fedora, It madly simple in XP (Like if you don't know how go stab yourself *Not Literally*) but the Fedora part is my problem...

Thanks for any help

Posted By: alchemist

Re: A little help - 01/02/04 08:49 PM

does fedora run on fat32 o_O?
why do u need a seperate partition
to transfer files O_O

stab...heh, try adding the drive in /etc/fstab
then reboot or type mount -a or something (not sure)
Posted By: Beegie_B

Re: A little help - 01/03/04 04:03 AM

hmm, well yes I do need the extra partition to transfer files, and well Fedora runs on VFAT, but ya, i'll ask around, thanks for the help.

Posted By: sinetific

Re: A little help - 01/06/04 01:24 AM

Run Fedora on ReiserFS or Ext3 for optimum performance but anyways...

Try this as root:
mkdir /mnt/windows && mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

/dev/hda1 = your fist ide drive's first partition, the second partition would be hda2, your second partition on the second drive would be hdb2 and so on. The only bad part is that NTFS only has linux read support (there is write support but you can potentially [censored] up your hardware with it....). You might have to enable support for it in your kernel but that isnt too hard.

to automount it at boot put a line like this in /etc/fstab
/dev/hda1 /mnt/windows ntfs ro 0 0
Posted By: Infinite

Re: A little help - 01/06/04 04:22 AM

Assuming you have ntfs support compiled into your kernel...
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