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Posted by: acsdan

TGZ - 08/14/03 01:26 AM

what do you need to use .tgz files???
Posted by: unreal

Re: TGZ - 08/14/03 02:06 AM

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Posted by: Infinite

Re: TGZ - 08/14/03 02:06 AM

A utility called 'tar' that comes standard in every verion of *nix. type in 'man tar' to see how to use it.

Posted by: Nem2k

Re: TGZ - 08/14/03 02:32 AM

tar -zxvf

if you are too lazy to search.. as you look like
Posted by: acsdan

Re: TGZ - 08/15/03 05:08 AM

Nem2k I did do a search and all i can find is tar.gz, is that it???
Posted by: jonconley

Re: TGZ - 08/15/03 07:32 PM

i believe its the exact same thing
Posted by: Shinobi

Re: TGZ - 08/15/03 08:09 PM

Yeah Tar.gz is the same thing, tar.gz is the same thing, if you have *nix you should have no problem extracting the files, if you are on a windows OS, then you would need a program. If I am not mistaken "winRAR", and extract tar files, and tar.gz files, and such.
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